clawson michigan

September 5, 2008

I want to rant about this city and their poor choice of raising funds.

I cannot believe that this has decided to use the police force to raise money.

I was stopped this morning by a police officer in a construction zone and given a ticket.

I was actually at almost a complete stop due to a person turning into a street before the police station when I saw him pull out of the police station.

The police cruiser pulled out behind me a flashed his lights, to which I stopped to let him pass, but he pointed me to pull into a side street.

I was perplexed and when he approached me he told me that was driving at 41 mph!

When I argued that when I saw him pulling out of the police station that he was not using a radar gun and that the radar gun cannot be used in a moving vehicle, he told me to be quiet before he gave me another ticket!

I continued to argue with him regardless and he told me to go to court if I had any problems.

I have a deep feeling that the courts are going to side with the policeman. 

I guess I am screwed and powerless to this form of extortion and blackmail.

Are there any other people out there that are in the similar circumstances?

I need others input in fighting this corrupt city government.

It’s not about the several hundred dollars they want out of me, I just want to pay for my mistakes and not be blackmailed out of some money.

If I want to be blackmailed I would move to Mexico or some other third world nation.

Let’s share some notes.